Recommendations and Referrals

This blog is meant to educate and empower Canadians to make the best financial decisions possible. All of the content is available for free and without ads. If you want to support me (and get some referral bonus' yourself) please use the codes below if you sign up for the associated services. A portion of each referral is donated to local charities in the Ottawa, Ontario area.

PolicyMe: Get life insurance quotes in minutes! A good financial plan always considers liabilities and dependents. You don't want to leave your dependents without means to support themselves and PolicyMe helps solve that problem, I've personally used them to get quick and easy quotes that were far below what I got elsewhere.

Bounc3: Get disability and critical illness quotes quickly! Your ability to earn an income is one of the most valuable assets you have, insurance is a great way to protect your cashflow in the case of an accident or illness. Bounc3 is a great first step in exploring suplimental disability and critical illness coverage with fantastic support and competitive quotes.

Neo Financial: Earn up to $25 by signing up for their HISA or cashback credit card! Neo is sort of the best of both worlds, it's a HISA like EQBank and a good daily banking product like Tangerine with both an ATM network and credit card.

EQBank: Earn $20 when you use my referral link! This bank will earn you thousands of dollars in the long run! EQBank is my main bank, it has nearly everything I could need: e-transfers, bill payments, joint accounts, cheque deposits, and extremely competitive interest rates! I earn 2x-10x the interest other banks offer every single month, no promo needed. Use my referral link to sign up and support the blog.

* EQ bank does not offer a debit card so you may need to supplement it with another bank like Neo or Tangerine.

Tangerine: No fees, no minimum balance, no compromises! One of the best free cashback credit cards and consistent HISA promos. If you can live with not having a physical branch near by sign up for tangerine using my orange key - 45973813S1 and we both get $50 when you deposit $250 or more in the account.

Questrade: As your investments grow so does the fees that advisors charge. I recommend Questrade to all my friends that are looking to move from an advisor to self directed investing. If you use my referral link (or QPass code 635611804438276) you get $25-$250 depending on how much you deposit within the first 90 days. Also if you do sign up for Questrade you get Passiv Elite ($100/year) for free!  (See below)

Passiv: Put your portfolio on autopilot! Passiv integrates with your brokerage (Questrade, IBKR, etc) and notifies you when your get new cash in your account,  when your portfolio drifts too far from your target, and automatically calculates rebalancing. Full disclosure if you sign here up using my code I get $20 which helps me to continue writing these articles! (Referral)

Wealthsimple Cash: Buying something from Kijiji? This is faster then an e-transfer and safer then carrying cash. Use my code and we each get $5! (Referral)

Wealthsimple Invest: If your looking to invest quickly and easily this is the best solution for a reasonable price. Use this code to invest your first $10,000 free! (Referral)

Wealthsimple Trade: Want to start a self directed portfolio? Wealthsimple Trade offers a simple platform to buy and sell Canadian listed stocks and index funds without fees! Use this referral code and we each get $25 when you deposit $100! (Referral)